Course FAQs

Knack is an online platform for building web applications. The foundation of your Knack application is your database, which is used to build customized workflows and a user interface for entering and retrieving data. Knack applications can be used for anything – some examples include a CRM system, a project management system, or an inventory manager. The possibilities are endless with Knack, and you can learn how to build your own customized app to manage your business with Bootcamp 4 Knack!

There are three Bootcamp 4 Knack courses: Beginner, Intermediate (coming soon), and Advanced (coming soon). Each course includes 1-2 sessions for each Knack topic. The Beginner course offers 31 different sessions.

A session is an individual video lesson or demonstration that is part of the course you enroll in. Each session typically includes an introduction/overview of the topic, Knack building, and live Knack application examples. You’ll also be able to track your progress for each session.

Don’t see an answer to your question? Please reach out to us, and we will respond as soon as possible.

You have as much time as you need to complete a session or an entire course. Once you register your account, enroll in a course, and submit payment, you will be able to view the sessions for the course as many times as you want, and you will never lose access to the sessions once you are successfully enrolled.

The length of an individual session can range from 4-27 minutes long. You can always stop a session and come back to it whenever you want.

No, Bootcamp 4 Knack does not have any tests or quizzes. You can’t pass or fail a Bootcamp 4 Knack course – your progress is up to you. We encourage you to follow along with our sessions to get hands-on practice and experience with Knack development.